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We put together a content marketing campaign to market their mobile apps across social media.

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Fitness Mobile Apps – Social Media Adverts

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The Brief

Video advert for Facebook to promote and increase downloads for a new fitness app. This video was designed for mobile phones and Instagram layouts

Client Info
Bending Spoons
Milan, Italy

They are a team that creates their own tech products, which are used and loved by millions all around the world. They currently focus on mobile apps, and constantly evaluating opportunities in other exciting fields.

Key role
  • Sound design
  • Video Editing
  • Compositing

Workout Mobile App Video Campaign

A short montage of video clips with accompanying animated keywords to promote an IOS mobile application for women on social media platforms. The concept was that overeating makes you fat so we wanted to show that by “working out” you can enjoy your food and still get in shape. As we only have a short period to capture the user’s attention, we didn’t want to use long sentences. 

Therefore we used a simple approach to keep the message clear and impactful. The tempo of the video was the same as breathing and the synced up to the beat of the heart. Lastly, we see so many adverts that try sell right from the start of the video so we tried a different by building the viewers curiosity with imagery and punchy words. Emphasizing on the feeling users will get using the app.


Working with Pyro Media was a pleasure. We needed videos for our Facebook and Instagram campaign and they immediately got us. Very talented, their work was catchy, well thought and they never skipped a deadline. We will keep them in mind for next projects!



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