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Social media is a platform for businesses to grow and stand out by using effective online professional marketing, leaving your mark in and around Pinetown, New Germany, Westmead.

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Reasons why you should be using professional videos on social media

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Social media is no longer just “social” and is now bursting with multiple mediums, including pictures, text and most importantly, videos. Before social media became one of the most used marketing system for businesses of all types, it was simply a fun way for keeping in touch with friends, updating your daily status and sharing quirky jokes. It has now evolved into a platform for businesses to grow and stand out through marketing, brand identity and online presence by making their mark on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn.

Why should you use videos on social media marketing? Over 60% of social marketers use video marketing and this is because social media videos are far more engaging, visually stimulating, attention-grabbing, informative and easy to understand. Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why using videos on social media are incredibly important in improving your business presence, leading to an increase in sales and revenue.

1) Using video can significantly increase conversions.

Studies have shown that over 70 % of potential customers that watch a content marketing video of your product or service will end up buying it.

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2) Social media videos are especially important for mobile users.

Around 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. In today’s fast-paced world, people are moving away from TVs, laptops and computers and tend to explore the web on the go, especially with the ever-changing smart features of mobile phones. Watching videos on the go is growing hugely every year. According to a Google study, smartphone users are twice as likely to feel a higher sense of personal connection to video content and ads than those who view them on TVs or desktops.

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3) Social media videos are much easier to understand.

Not only can reading an explanation on how a product or service works be tedious, but it can also still leave your target audience unclear or missing small details. Using social marketing videos on your online business platform can make even the most complex ideas easy to understand and create a visually stimulating and engaging experience for online consumers.

Now that we have an understanding as to why videos are so effective when it comes to marketing your business on social media, these videos must not be sub-par and need to look professional. They are, after all, representing your business. 

A few important tips to ensuring your videos are polished and professional include:


Keep your video long enough to grab attention and spread its message, but short enough so that your audience doesn’t lose interest. In a way, the shorter the advert, the more piqued the audience’s curiosity will be.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is always important, and the higher your business ranks on Google the better. You can boost SEO on online video posts by using hashtags that are relevant to your subject, and of course, boost your company name by using it with a hashtag as well. Hashtags are recognized as keywords via Google as SEO and can increase rankings and visibility.


No matter how much effort you put into a video, if the quality is bad, no one will want to watch it. We’re talking about both sound and image quality. Ensure that all sound is crisp and clear and that visuals are of good quality to catch the attention of your audience and increase engagement.


Anyone can try to make a video. But if you want your video to wow your audience, you may want to hire a professional. Hiring a marketing specialist to create videos for your business is well worth the money spent because it will make your content exceptional and engage with your viewers. These can be presented in a variety of visual styles such as animations, infographics, motion graphics, photomontage, kinetic typography & whiteboard. You can also decide what kind of video types you would like to use. There is a wide array of video types, including explainer videos, training & induction videos, product and presentation videos, social media marketing videos, and live-action videos. A well-produced, attractive, and polished video shows pride in your product, and creating great-looking social media videos will build trust and engagement with potential consumers.

Pyro Media Video Production & Animation to revive your Online Marketing in South Africa

Pyro Media Studio is an online social media marketing company based in the Upper Highway region of Durban in South Africa, and we ensure to help you make your online videos come to life. We offer a range of marketing video options, affordable packages, and a highly trained communication team that will boost your business on any social media platform. We offer services all around Pinetown, Westmead, and New Germany and would love to hear from you.

Our video production services include:
  • Corporate videos
  • Health & Safety videos
  • Induction videos
  • Training videos
  • Video production
  • Pre & post-production
  • Social media videos
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