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9 Reasons why your Business needs an Explainer Video

These days, the market is flooded with hundreds of businesses offering the same products or services all over the internet and on social media platforms. As a result, customers have a wide variety of options to choose from.

So how do you get a customer’s attention in the fast-paced and competitive world of marketing? With an explainer video, you will be able to achieve that perfectly! Investing in a professionally made, unique explainer video will give your product the edge over other companies selling similar products, therefore, customers would want to associate with your brand. You need to ensure that the video is engaging, attention-grabbing and short yet effective enough to keep the prospective customer interested enticing them to buy your product or service

Over the last few years, explainer videos have become quite popular because of their ability to deliver important messages to customers in a very short time. An explainer video will describe your product or service to a customer within a maximum of 2 minutes. The benefit of keeping your video short is that your audience will receive all relevant information about your product before losing interest.

Another reason a lot of companies are using explainer videos today because they are visually appealing and engaging. Videos are the most effective communication tools because humans easily absorb information visually and auditorily. Therefore, these videos use storytelling to capture the attention of targeted audiences until they absorb all the information you intend to convey Now, let’s take a look at how an explainer video can help your business grow. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider incorporating explainer videos into your marketing strategy.

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1) Higher Conversion Rate

It’s not always easy convincing people to buy a product, especially if you’re trying to stand out against other companies that sell the same, or similar products. That’s why you need an explainer video to make the process easier. Explainer videos will show the customer the benefits of the product and how it works. Research has shown that prospective customers who visit your website will be more likely to purchase your product after watching an explainer video. Furthermore, with an explainer video, you can get information to see if people are interested in a product. As people watch the videos on your website, you will get insights and statistics showing what is popular among the audience. With this kind of information, you can make the necessary changes to your marketing strategy.

2) Clearly defines the product

Some customers may not understand what the product is about, but an explainer video will give them a step-by-step guide and clearly show them how to use your product/s. Customers are more interested in how your product can benefit them. In explainer videos, you can highlight all the benefits of your product and convince the customer to buy your product.

explainer video promoting product or service edit Bluff
3) Increased Interest in Your Product

Explainer videos are good marketing videos. These days, most business owners market their products on social media because it is faster and more cost-effective. People on social media prefer video content to text or any other form of content. You can capitalize on this. When you use an explainer video to promote your product or service, people will watch the video and you’ll be more likely receive an influx of enquiries from people who are interested in your productE

4) Increases Google Ranking

Adding an explainer video to your website will give your company a high organic ranking and a strong search engine presence. That is because videos provide your website with a greater chance of ranking on Google’s front page. However, remember that search engines cannot read videos. So, if you want your explainer video to help increase your Google ranking, you need to add SEO to all text associated with the video such as titles, meta descriptions, tags, etc.

5) Website Traffic is Increased

Website traffic can be used to determine if a business is doing well or not. It is a clear indication of how much impact your business is making on the web. An explainer video can help you increase your website traffic, especially if the video becomes very popular. A lot of big brands have gained huge traffic from explainer videos that went viral. When you share your marketing explainer video on different video platforms, more people will watch them and eventually return to your website to make a purchase. You can add a link and a call-to-action to your video so that people can easily purchase your product after your explainer video has properly educated them about the product.

explainer video will make your brand stand out Jacobs
6) Helps to Make a Company Memorable
People tend to remember what they see, much more than what they hear. With an explainer video, you can easily let a customer know what your brand represents. Creating videos about your products and services will make your brand stand out from your competitors and help your customers remember what your product offers. If you do this successfully, customers will always return.
7) Captures the Attention of Customers

These days, the attention span of a person is very short. The market is flooded with hundreds of businesses offering the same products or services, and as a result, customers have a wide variety of options to choose from.
So how do you get a customer’s attention in the fast-paced world of marketing?
With an explainer video, you will be able to achieve that perfectly! Investing in an explainer marketing video will make you unique and therefore, customers would want to associate with your brand. You need to ensure that the video is engaging enough to keep the prospective customer interested until they eventually buy your product or service.

explaining-the-benefits-of-product Maydon Wharf
8) Can be Shared Easily

When it comes to marketing your business using videos, there are so many platforms available. Some of the most popular video platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Vimeo, make it easy for you to share videos with friends.

Now, imagine if a customer shares your video with a friend, family member, and colleague. Within a short time, your marketing explainer video will get a lot of views Resulting in more traffic, social media follows, and a wider target audience. Remember to create an engaging explainer marketing video because people love to share interesting content.

9) Highlights Your Brand Values

In explainer videos, you get the opportunity to tell prospective customers all about your brand’s values and goals. It increases brand identity, trust amongst followers and a way to build up a strong following.  

Also, the type of video you put out shows the customer how much you know about your field and your level of expertise. If you do a good job with an explainer video, people will trust your brand, and it will ultimately lead to more sales.

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Finally, now that you know how important an explainer video is to your business, make sure you use a trusted and experienced video marketing company to work with. At Pyro Media, we can create an engaging video for your business and also design marketing videos that will help you flourish in the South African market.

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