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A streamlined process for creating top-quality explainer videos that perfectly communicates your brand’s message in the Pinetown area including Westmead, Queensburgh, New Germany Industrial park, Malvern, Paradise valley, Cowies Hill, Marianhill.

3D Product Videos

previsualisation, animated titles, 3d renderings

Explainer Video

Infographics, Character animation, cartoon

Marketing Video

Social media marketing, advertising

Corporate Video

Business stories, animated branding

Training & Induction Videos

Awareness campaigns, live video production

Internal Communication Videos

Corporate profiles, Testimonials, Filming, Event

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Our Explainer Video Production Process

How we make our videos?

We use a streamlined process for creating top quality explainer videos that perfectly communicates your brand’s message in and around Pinetown and other Durban areas. With 8 easy steps, we can get your project done. Here at Pyro Media, we don’t stop until we get it right. Though our streamlined process reduces the need for a revision, we will revise our work until you send out your approval. *Please note that revision in an approved step might mean revising the whole process and if revision is extensive we may add extra fees.*


Our artists will review all your project requirements, clarify important points, identify the type & length of the video, and finalize the best approach to ensure the quality of the video. You’ll be directly in touch with our project manager, who will guide you throughout the production.

illustartion process for animated video


We enlist professional scriptwriters to churn out an ideal script for your video by highlighting keypoints and emphasizing the most essential information needed for your target audience. A 60-second explainer video has an average of 150 words and longer videos will be scaled proportionally. If you already have a killer-script, we’re ready to skip this step.


This stage shows a preview of how the final video will look. Our storyboard artist takes the key elements from the script and develops a general frame by frame that will exhibit the blueprint of the final video. With an eye for videography and composition, each scene is tailored and structured according to plan — highlighting the most essential information to engage the target audience.


Our array of voice-over artists is diverse; from the language used, gender, tone and personality. Once the script is ready, we will let you hand-pick one of our professional voice-over artists who will smooth out the video’s narration. If you’re aiming to reach an international audience, we can also provide a version of the final video in a different language for an extra fee.


This is the stage where everything is made digital. Our artists will illustrate the characters to match the narration of the video, static and/or animated. Our original illustrations may also be paired with stock photos and video clips to interpret your message perfectly

illustartion process for animated video


All illustration and graphics will be integrated by our animators through flawless transitions, on-cue graphic movements, and life-like characters. For a seamless video dynamic, we use the best software in the industry. Your approval is necessary until the video is ready to “WOW!” your target audience.


After finalizing the animation, we’ll do an end-to-end review and identify which parts may be enhanced with sound effects. We’ll also collaborate on what type of music can be used as background to set the mood of the entire video. Audio comes hand-in-hand with animation, so we make sure to pick the most fitting, and high-definition music for a more professional result.


Our project manager will make sure that all of your requirements have been fulfilled, and your project has met all the expectations outlined in the initial planning. Once everything is set, finalized, and approved, your video will be processed and ready to take off & ready to use. You are now able to upload them anywhere you wish.

Popular Video & Animation Styles

Cartoon explainer video

This style is ideal for companies that either have a complicated product or service to explain or those wanting to bring recognition and understanding to their brand. In other words, graphics are used to show how your product or service works and how your target market can benefit from it.

This animation style is ideal for:

Kinetic Typography Video

This style is based on the animation of typographic fonts to express an idea. It’s simpler than it sounds and it works! If the proper fonts are used, the video can use the right format to underline certain passages and give your audience a lasting impression.

This animation style is ideal for:

2D character Animation

This is a style in which both characters and scenes are created in a 2D space using perspective in order to recreate the illusion of depth. This type of animation is a great choice for either B2C or B2B companies since it is emotion-evoking and appeals directly to the audience, making it an ideal form of content for people to share.

This animation style is ideal for:

3D Modelling & Animation

This animation technique has endless possibilities. It’s mostly used for commercial purposes because of its high quality and its state-of-the-art feel that will really give your brand a lasting impression.

This animation style is ideal for:

Animated Infographic

Infographic videos rely heavily on information. Animation like this is packed with a lot of facts, data, numbers, charts, and other kinds of statistics. Having all of this data animated is very helpful in keeping viewers engaged while reading through the data.

This video style is ideal for:

Mix Live Action & Testimonial Video

In live action videos, everything is recorded using a camera. It’s a good option for companies seeking to build a personal relationship between themselves and potential customers by showing real people in real scenes. Often used in testimonials, people trust and relate to brands that aren’t afraid to show their real life side!

This video style is ideal for:

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