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Our Story

We are a passionate group of creatives which are solution driven and strive to produce quality innovative designs with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

At Pyro Media we take great pride in the design work we are involved with, ensuring the core concept and values are carried right through to the final product and thus strive to deliver an effective, focused, and on-target product that fits clients needs and goals.

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Our passion production team

These members help to make the magic happen

The Pyro Team


put together content that contains graphic design, animations and visual effects. Logos, medical illustrations, 3D images and 2D computer animation all come alive and interact in a way that tells a compelling story.



attention to lighting & the camera’s technical capabilities. organise footage and arrange individual shots, choices about which shots to use, and the order in which to place them for appearance of the final video.



Provide the sound to accompany the screen action. manipulate previously composed or recorded audio to create a desired mood or effect. selecting just the right music for the film will intensify the story for the audience.



uses both technical and creative attributes to build or redesign websites. understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user.



performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company’s financial operations. financial data collection, entry and report generation.



grow a company’s profits through attracting new customers and by increasing the spend. include  expansion in markets, new user acquisition, and awareness. the main function is to utilise partners in selling to the right customers.

Our Services

3D Animation

3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation graphics to add flair to the visuals.

Motion Design

discipline that applies graphic design principles to filmmaking and video production through use of animation and visual effects.

Logo Build & Animation

The clever use of animation, your entire brand comes to life through motion, sound, and colour.

2D Animation

These animations may be used in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games, or websites.

3D Product Modelling

Producing a 3D digital representation of any object or surface using technique in computer graphics.

Character Animation

A specialised animation process which involves bringing illustrated or modelled characters to life.

Video Editing

Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including television shows and video advertisements.

User Interface Design

The design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers and mobile devices, with the focus on maximising usability and the user experience.

Web design

It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably.

Our three core beliefs to give us the edge

At Pyro Media we take great pride in the design work we are involved with, ensuring the core concept and values are carried right through to the final product and thus strive to deliver an effective, focused, and on-target product that fits clients needs and goals.

The comparison of what is actually produced or performed with what can be achieved with the same consumption of resources (money, time, labor, etc.). It is an important factor in determination of productivity. See also effectiveness.
giving several things equal amounts of importance, time, and money so that a situation is successful.
Work that makes us happy and meaningful, that makes us struggle through challenges and drives us to create something amazing.
Videos Produced
Our biggest fans

We have worked with various people, brands and companies, locally based in South Africa. All the way across the globe from Europe, United Kingdom, America and Australia.

"Professional service Excellent work quality All in all a brilliant experience doing business with Zane and the team. I would recommend pyromedia above all others."
Mr Naidoo
"Very professional, quality service. Zane is a pleasure to work with. He is very patient and gave me exactly what I needed."
Miss Janssen
Web developer
"Pyro Media go above and beyond what is expected and I would highly recommend this company to any business that requires anything from creative graphic design to eye catching animated videos."
Mr Zhao
"We worked with Zane on a very long project. He was very accommodating and solution driven. Zane went the extra mile where needed and created some amazing animations. I would definitely refer his animation services."
Miss Lewis
"Zane is truly a Pyro Guru! Working with his team has been an absolute pleasure. Our videos represent exactly who we are as a school and this is only because Zane is so professional in capturing and understanding our company and our targeted market."
Mrs Hayden
Personal Assistant
"Pyro Media went above and beyond to understand our needs for the video. The final video was creative, with great attention to detail, in a way that represents my company's brand really well. They were also was very responsive! I will hire Zane again!"
Marketing Director

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