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Animated marketing advert, character animation, live video, visualisation, comics, illustration

The video uses 2d character animation, inspired by comics and live footage for an advert installing hygienic and dust-free floor insulation for homes.

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Top Carpets- Animated Cartoon Advert

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The Brief

The video uses a mix of 2d character animation and live video to show an epic adventure between good an evil. We produced this advert for a company that installs hygienic and dust free floor insulation for homes. The concept was that the product as called healthier living installation (HLI) which prevented dust mites from living in the carpet. The visuals were inspired by Marvel comics and star wars to go with the current popular trend of superhero movies.

Client Info
Top Carpets
Umhlanga, South Africa

Flooring installations that are guaranteed and perfect in every way

Key role
  • 2d Animation

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