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Employees of all industries in Amanzimtoti need to be educated on health and safety protocols. We provide you with high-quality, comprehensive health and safety videos.

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Why you need a health & safety video in the workplace

Hospital worker - safety video in workplace Kingsburgh

There is no disputing the fact that a safe work environment is often the happiest and most productive as well. This simple rule of thumb applies to all industries including hospitals, mining, gas & oil, factories & the retail Industry. When your employees have the peace of mind that they are being looked after and safe from any workplace health hazards, they are naturally going to feel more comfortable and be more focused on their work. No one wants an injury in the workplace, especially upper management. In South Africa, there were nearly 310 million workplace injuries last year. It is important to educate your employees on the health and safety protocols of your company. They should know how to stay safe and how to deal with any sort of accident. Providing your employees with high-quality, comprehensive safety training using video is an excellent way of achieving this goal. Let’s explore how health and safety videos can have a positive impact and help your employees perform better in the work environment in KZN areas, including Amanzimtoti ,Southgate, Umbogintwini & Kingsburgh .

Real life video safety scenario Umbogintwini

Videos emphasize the importance of safety training 

Let’s be honest here. For most employees, safety training is nothing more than a basic compulsory requirement. These videos are often ‘boring’ leaving no impact on your employees, not realising  the importance of health and safety in the workplace. For your staff to take safety training seriously, you need to make sure that they are able to relate to the content in the training. It has to show them real-life possible scenarios. The number one medium to do this is through video, which can be presented in the form of infographics or animations

remote health & safety training via video Southgate

Train Remotely 

The benefit of having a well put together, visually stimulating safety video is that you can send it to anyone you wish no matter where they are ensuring the safety of your employees. With the digital age that we live in, a video would be the best platform for safety training, provided it is high quality and entices its target audience. The recently implemented regulations for the pandemic are perfect examples. The pandemic has forced many companies to ask their employees to work from home. A safety video would be the ideal way to conduct training in these circumstances, since you can’t physically go to every employee and talk to them in person. Also, very important during the Covid pandemic, those staff going back to the workplace would benefit greatly from a video explaining all precautions such as sanitising, social distancing and mask wearing.

cost effective safety training video Amanzimtoti
Cost-effectiveness  A safety video is a more cost-effective way to present health and safety training, than hiring a team to do training in person. You can have a series of videos recorded and then send them to all your employees at once without having to worry about incurring any additional expenses.

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If you want a risk-free workplace where your employees can work to their full potential without having to worry about health and safety concerns, then you should definitely consider a health and safety video. Pyro Media can make this happen for your company, ensuring the safety of your employees, especially during these uncertain times. If you are interested in having a health and safety video produced, contact us on to learn more. We look forward to helping you protect your team anywhere from Amanzimtoti, Scottburgh, Southgate, Umbogintwini, Kingsburgh to the Upper Highway and other parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal!
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